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Specialized Rigger Training & Licensing

Rigging is an integral part of any hoisting operation. Anyone who has ever had to lift something with a crane knows that unless you attach the load to a hook properly, you won't be able to lift anything.

More importantly, a rigging failure can be catastrophic in terms of injury, loss of life, damage to goods and equipment replacement costs.

ICRSS has developed through extensive research and practical application a program of training that couples rigging hardware technology with state-of-the-art trade practices.

Every student who completes the training will have the ability to conceive a crane lift of significant complexity utilizing the following disciplines.

  • Lift design
  • Crane selection & set-up
  • Sling & shackle selection
  • Sling Angles
  • Calculating head room tolerances as applicable to respective sling angles
  • Calculating material weights
  • Multiple crane lifts
  • Wire rope technology & uses

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